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4 Errors when making ads on Facebook


4 Errors when making ads on Facebook

Welcome to a new article. My name is Osvaldo Acabá and today I am going to talk about 4 common mistakes that business owners make when creating Facebook ads . If you want to learn more about how to make better Facebook ads, follow my blog on talking digital .Today we all, and he reaffirmed, we are ALL connected to our mobile 24/7. That means that our advertising is also on mobile. Smartphones have become the primary vehicle for customers to do research on what they want to buy, access social media, and consume content.

That means that if you want to generate sales using Facebook ads, Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands Email Lists you should think mobile first . So you should avoid these common mistakes.Facebook Ads Mistake # 1: Location, location, location
Location is a strong signal of a consumer’s intention. Someone viewing your ad on Facebook just blocks away from your store, dealer, or business is a higher quality prospect than someone sitting at home.

Facebook has geolocation options that can help you get your message in front of the right people. For example, you can serve ads to consumers who are traveling or on vacation in a specific area with messages relevant to them. Or you can provide special offers to customers who recently stopped by a specific store – or close to the competition. Make sure the content in the ad and on the website is geolocated, presenting information including – the address and phone number of the store – for that specific location.

Mistake # 2: Ignoring call conversions
When a customer comes across a promotion that catches their eye on their phone, it usually turns into a call. According to the data we found, promotions on Facebook generated around 12 billion calls last year. Smartphones are still phones at the end of it all, and thanks to the click-to-call option, a phone call is the simplest way for a customer to get immediate information. So make sure you optimize your Facebook ads to generate flames.

Try the ” Call Now ” option in your ads with the goal of ” Local Awareness .”Include the phone number at the top of all your web pages and make sure it can be pressed to call.Try landingpages with a call to action to generate calls.

Mistake # 3: Not offering the right incentives
Ads on Facebook are different than ads on Google. The people who see your ad are not directly searching for your business. It is important to give them a reason to stop what they are doing and touch your ad.You should try different ads, from discount percentages, to incentives like giveaways, to see what works for your audience.An idea to make your offer related to the phone. Already knowing that your user is using their phone, so if it is in a hotel chain, for example, it shows ads offering Free WiFi in your business. Be a bit creative, what you want is people coming in at sunset.

Mistake # 4: Not using the retargeting option
Retargeting is the option of presenting ads to people who have already visited your website, that means they are people who are interested in your product or service. For example, you can serve ads to people who are close to your business and who have visited your page before. Present your ad to people who have visited your page and are traveling in the area. Another idea can be to present your ad to prospects who have filled out the contact form on your website and you don’t have the phone to call them, so you encourage them to call you.Avoid these 4 basic mistakes when making your digital marketing campaigns is a good basis to optimize your expenses and maximize profits. It is always important to constantly test to make sure we are doing the job right. Take advantage of the variety of ads offered by digital platforms and personalize the experience of your customers.You can download the free guide to making ads on Facebook here.If you have any questions you can leave a comment at the end of this article, I read all the comments personally.

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