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How to measure the loading speed of a web page


How to measure the loading speed of a web page

Loading speed is a crucial factor for any website nowadays. This will have a great impact on the user experience. And will also affect the seo positioning of your website. With that being the case. It’s important that you understand how to measure speed correctly before you begin to address your site speed issues. In order to help you. At capybara seo we show you how to measure the loading speed of a web page . What is the loading speed of a web page? Suppose a website fully loads in about 7 seconds for a user. These 7 seconds are known as the actual load time. Now. Let’s say the user has reloaded the page. The second time the user felt that the site loaded faster.

This feeling of faster charging is

Called perceived charging time. Perceived charging time vs. Actual charging time developers often spend a lot of time improving actual load time . This time is definitely important. But if your site shows a blank screen for 5 seconds. Not many users will wait for it to fully load. Therefore. The first step towards a faster website is to understand that the Guangdong Phone Number List perceived load time is very important. You can use the following metrics to measure the perceived loading time. Up to a certain point: first contentful paint (fcp) or first layer with content: measures the elapsed time from the start of the page load until any part of the content on the page is displayed and presented on the screen.


First meaningful paint or first significant

Layer measures the time elapsed from the beginning of the page load until the main content of the page is displayed and presented on the screen. Time to interact: measures the time from the start of the page load to the visual display. The loading of its initial script (if any). And whether the script can respond effectively to user input. Measure charging speed web load speed the usual way most website owners do loading speed tests is It Cell Number wrong. For example. A user can measure the load time in seconds (1.32 s) and determine whether it is fast or slow based on this result. However. What is missing in this measurement is to establish the conditions in which it was made. Was it done on the latest macbook pro with the highest possible settings? Was it done on an intel celeron netbook (which usually has low settings) Now. Let’s say this test was done from lima.

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