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Are you paralyzed from looking at the competition so much?


Are you paralyzed from looking at the competition so much?

No matter what you do or sell, you will always have competition. When you don’t have it, it is because there is no market. So in this article you will learn some keys so that this does not happen to you.They say curiosity killed the cat. Apparently,  Palestinian Territories Email Lists looking over the account has its consequences.The largest companies spend thousands of dollars continually monitoring their competition for market trends and preferences, and moving accordingly. Sounds reasonable right?

If you have your business, you could hardly make that investment, but part of the process of deciding “what to put”, or when you are starting, is observing what others do as a way to validate – or discard – your assumptions about what the market is asking for. In today’s world, a large part of our preferences are public: Google shows us only ads related to recent searches, and Facebook shows us content related to what we like, share or click. Those are just a couple of examples.

Competence,All the time we are seeing what others publish, and thus we are also in the crosshairs of others. With your business published on the web and social networks, this is even easier. Greater exposure has its advantages, as it makes it easier for your market to find you.

But – I imagine you already saw the “but” coming – it also makes it easier for your competition to find you. Let him study you, and even copy you.Has that fear invaded you when publishing new products or services, promotions and so on?I know that fear, both from myself and from some of my clients. When it comes to proposing promotional strategies, some of the objections I receive are “my competition is too aware of what we publish on social networks”, “they have copied our website almost as is”, “they began to offer other products after they saw them on our page or networks ”, etc.

Some of the “contingency measures” to try to prevent competition from copying have been not to advertise on social media at all – taking into account that, at least in the case of Facebook, the reach of organic publications has been significantly reduced by compared to a few years ago, so not because you have 1,000 Likes, those 1,000 people will see your publications. Another has been not to “over-emphasize” some of their new products on the website.Whether or not you highlight your products or services, if your competition really wants to find out, trust me, they will search anywhere. The problem is, you can’t expect the same from your potential customer. If it doesn’t easily find what you’re looking for, it will turn around and go back to the search results to click on another site.

Although you can not force anyone to do something they do not want, the question remains: is it worth making some of your products or services with sales potential almost totally invisible, with a select audience willing to pay, for fear that your competition I copied you? Is it worth losing not just those sales, but sabotaging the relationship with potentially good customers even before you start?

So here are some ideas to help you lose your fear of competition and face challenges like a champion:

Don’t be afraid of it . If the competition sees you, it is a sign that “something or a lot” you are doing well. If not, they would not pay you the slightest attention. So more than fearful, be flattered!
Proven ideas . If you have competition, especially when starting your business, it means that there is already demand for your products or services. You are not going to start from scratch “waiting for the market to want what you offer.” There are products that start out like this and are very successful, but less often. Ideally, there is already some competition without falling into saturation.
How and where they connect with the market . Depending on the means they use, and which seem to be successful, you can know in which physical or virtual spaces your market moves. It is not about copying what they do, but about seeing where they are and defining how you are going to connect with them.
What will you do differently . The market does not need more of the same. Although there will be others who do the same as you – and that’s fine – what will define their preference for you and what you offer is “that different.” Will your product have features that current options don’t offer? Will the difference be more in the type of service you provide, and how? By this I do not mean “we offer the best service in the world”, or “our products are of quality”. We must go further.

As David Gómez, renowned Marketing consultant for SMEs, says, each area of ​​the company can provide a valuable differential that separates you from the competition.Instead of looking sideways, focus on the one who is looking for you because he needs you and will be willing to buy. If you see the aspects that I mentioned above, they have more to

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