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But How Do You Nurture Leads


But How Do You Nurture Leads

Many companies are busy surviving and keeping the company afloat. And that makes sense because if you don’t keep the ship afloat, you can forget about it. But much of what is happening are reactive solutions, aimed at adapting to the Uganda Phone Number acute problems and reducing the dangers. And meanwhile, a much bigger problem is coming. Because what will happen in the long term?

Them to Put Their Trust

Getting started with online brainstorming: 3 examples What is missing is that a partnership is created in which people with all kinds of different backgrounds, hospitality, and other disciplines, consider together how tourism, travel, and meeting will develop in the long term. What does that mean for our industry, our companies, and our business models?

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We need new forms of partnerships or collaborations. Maslow in partnerships Partnerships between companies takes different forms. In the Maslow pyramid of partnerships, you see the different forms, from purely transactional to increasingly relational.

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