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Capturing the attention of your market


Capturing the attention of your market

Capturing the attention of your market, and especially your ideal client , is increasingly difficult in the face of so much noise and competition. So how do you connect authentically with them? I explain it here.In both love and business, authenticity is key.Some of the bad news for marketing and sales is related to the times brands have unfortunately lied to us. Belgium Phone Number List And having felt cheated increases the resistance to believe what we are told in the advertisements.

Advertising can be so annoying that the “stimulus” that many companies like Spotify offer to acquire a Premium account is the removal of the ads.Sounds daunting, right? So how do we get our customers – especially those who haven’t bought from us yet – decide for us?Not only that. Being bought once is an achievement, but being bought a second or third time, or more, requires strategy. It is not the result of chance.

Marketing ,In a digital world, where we have a consumer much more informed , saturated with information and even more immune to advertising than before, the key to stand out is to connect.It is not easy to get out of all that noise resulting from the hyper-connection, which practically seems a conversation of the deaf on a large scale, where everyone speaks but few listen.So here are some strategies to connect effectively with your ideal customer, and better yet, that he buys from you more than once:

1. Don’t be afraid to tell your story . The number of stories behind each business is incredible, especially in its early days. They are films whose genre it is impossible to qualify: they are full of creativity, action, comedy, horror, drama, but above all inspiration. Although you do not have to tell absolutely everything, there are points that would surely help your market identify with you. And that allows the necessary confidence to be born so that they decide to buy from you over your competition.

As I have said before, one of the reasons that helped me decide to work with my mentor was that I identified with her, with her story behind the knowledge she offers – which is not negligible by the way;). It is not just “the ability” because there are other professionals who may offer what you offer, but no two stories are the same, and you never know which points they will “click” with a potential client. Don’t be afraid to say it, that could be the deciding point.

2. Don’t start at the end . There are people who have known me for years, but they are surprised when I tell them that I am a fan of rock, especially the “alternative” of the 90s. The vocalist of one of my favorites, the Goo Goo Dolls, has said: “if you make music Then you can think about putting on leather pants if you want, that’s image; but don’t try to put on your leather pants and then try to make music. ”

We can get to worry so much about details such as colors of the web or business cards that we can lose sight of our ideal client, our why, and in the end we are left without business. Those details are important, but we can’t worry about the package first without first thinking about what’s inside.

3. Do not show what you are not . This ties in a lot with the previous point. This telling your story and connecting with your market does not mean that you are going to tell a false story. As I said at the beginning, it is precisely this accumulation of inauthentic stories and unfulfilled promises that has made us distrust advertising, so do not make the same mistake.

Tell me what you think of this article in the Comments section , and if you have any doubts, I’m happy to clarify them as best as possible 😉

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