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Desire to Involve Consumers More


Desire to Involve Consumers More


Reasons for rebranding may include:

Loss of brand relevance due to its “obsolescence”;
Therefore, Marketer’s mistakes in market positioning;
Appearance of a stronger competitor;


Extension or change of the scope of activity;


Therefore, The emergence of new goals and strategic objectives;
Changes in structure (for example, acquisition of a company);
Loss of brand reputation (for various reasons);
Entry into new markets;
Desire to involve consumers more.
Rebranding objectives
The main objective of rebranding is to VP Facility Manager Email Lists achieve a significant improvement in the positioning of the brand, as well as its products.

The task of rebranding is to create

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a value system that is as attractive as possible to the target audience. This is achieve through lightness, simplicity and accessibility of perception. Customers need to understan what the company does, why they should be trusted, and why they should be engaged with the brand. In the rebranding process, the following tasks are solved:

Differentiate the brand (increase its uniqueness);
Achieve consumer loyalty growth (strengthen the brand);
Attract new customers, increasing the target audience.
Rebranding is not a complete change in brand philosophy. It is optimization and improvement. The emphasis is on the benefits, while fixing bugs and shortcomings: you need to make sure they don’t slow down the company’s evolution.

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