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Create and monetize a newsletter: best practices and examples to follow


Create and monetize a newsletter: best practices and examples to follow

While this format has existed since the beginnings of the internet. The newsletter is currently experiencing a resurgence in popularity like podcasts 5 years ago, everyone now wants to create their newsletter, and thus offer an appointment to their audience. It is in this perspective of privileged relationship that tech trash was born in 2017, the stupid and nasty tech newsletter. Which today brings together 35,000 subscribers, then climax last year, the newsletter which addresses the climate revolution”. During web2day. Dan geiselhart shared his expertise on the subject, with best practices and concrete examples of newsletters that make a difference. Why is this format so successful what are the advantages


The advantages of the newsletter format

Who can create a newsletter the answers below photo background removing the newsletter, an objection to the overconsumption of content we know that social networks push us to scroll longer and longer, in order to increase the time spent on their platform, and, consequently, their income. Same observation on the mailbox side we always receive more emails, and in particular from brands that have invested in this channel for a long time, with often intrusive email objects, and sometimes with old school designs. .

Faced with this infobesity, the editorial newsletter can be an antidote to social networks , and the enthusiasm around this format confirms it. Before being popular in france, the newsletter was democratized in the united states, in particular with the arrival of the substack platform which today has 500,000 paying subscribers, and the success of newsletters such as morning brew or the hustle , which has 1.5 million subscribers, and was valued at 27 million.

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Create a newsletter and monetize it

The newsletter “takes up the concept of fanzine and It Cell Number pirate radio” , by offering a means of expressing oneself on a subject which fascinates us, with “a niche positioning, which makes it possible to federate readers”, explains dan geiselhart. It is also from this idea that tech trash was born, with the desire to offer something different, using an offbeat tone. While bringing curation and a critical look at the world of technology”. Finally, the success of the newsletter format can be explained quite easily it is part of the creator economy with.

Passionate people, and a format that lends itself to niche topics, it represents a media in its own right with a return to proximity and authenticity, as well as a relationship of trust with its audience. It is a universal platform because everyone has an email, it offers a “finished” editorial product the newsletter is a format that does not participate in the fomo syndrome fear of missing out , nor in the infinite scroll. With the newsletter format, we consume the content when we want it, then we move on.

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