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Data Driven Business Brazil Phone Number


Data Driven Business Brazil Phone Number

Tags e-commerce electronic commerce whatsapp shopping read later favorites 0 ads cef.es cef – digital marketing courses digital marketing programmatic at the foot of the escalators in a downtown area of one of the large hypermarket chains there are a couple Brazil phone number of posters with clear recommendations for a specific group of consumers: the elderly. “use the elevator”. They recommend. For “safety and comfort”. An old man with a cane appears smiling in the image that accompanies the message. Below. A woman of the same age group uses her smartphone to make the purchase: “send us your order by whatsapp.” she says. Carrefour.

The chain to which the establishment in question belongs. Thus has a customer service telephone number that allows orders to be sent through the popular messaging app. It seems unlikely that younger consumers. Used to shopping online and using the usual Brazil phone number shopping tools. Will make the switch to ordering using the tool. However. For demographic groups for whom shopping online remains challenging and less confident in their abilities. The idea of shopping via whatsapp seems more accessible. She is. In the end. The elderly woman who appears in the supermarket campaign photo.

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During the quarantine a year ago. Carrefour already accepted video call purchases for non-supermarket products. Now. Or at least this is confirmed by the campaign seen in one of its hypermarkets. It allows supermarket orders to be made via text. Voice Brazil phone number note or even a photo of the shopping list. Carrefour is perhaps the pioneer in selling supermarket products by whatsapp conversation. Although it is not the only one that uses this tool to sell within the retail giants. Alcampo also offers it in all the places where it is installed with its hypermarkets. The company does not sell supermarket products.

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“Now you can shop for technology. Appliances. Diy and lighting. Electronics. Consoles and video games. Sports. Leisure and luggage. Stationery and books. Toys. Automobiles. Gardens. Outdoors and home textiles from your alcampo hypermarket Brazil phone number through whatsapp “. They point out on their own website. The idea debuted during confinement. When they began to use it to sell even more limited categories and in madrid and catalonia. Outside the hypermarket category.

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Leroy merlin also offers the possibility of shopping through whatsapp in a few provinces throughout spain. Consumers can only place orders through that number. The growth of online shopping will more companies be launched to use whatsapp to sell? Some smes already do it. Although in a much more informal way than these large companies. The format may be Brazil phone number more comfortable for some consumers and. Above all. Reach those who are not so savvy with technology. Whatsapp has become something that everyone seems to end up learning to use. That does not mean that online purchases. Those of the traditional format. Are not growing and have not done so in a notable way during the last year.

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