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Also, read Binding Generation Z to your brand: embrace influencers Brand equity and influencer marketing In his book Strategic brand management (affiliate), marketing professor Keller describes within the “Customer-Based Brand Romania Phone Number Equity” model that if you as a marketer succeed in creating more brand equity, this will manifest itself in benefits such as more sales.

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Basically, this is about the simple question that customers ask: what about you and me? Influencers can play an important role in answering this question. brand equity Source: Strategic Brand Management, Kavin Lane Keller (2012) 1. Linking influencers to your brand identity In this first step of brand identity the marketing goal is to ensure that your brand stands out and that your customers recognize and are aware of the brand.

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You not only create brand identity and awareness here. But you also try to ensure that the brand perceptions are “correct”. The most important phases of the buying process. When one chooses the right influencer, he can play a decisive role in ensuring that the target group gets. The right perception of the brand. This is crucial in the brand identity phase.

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