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Less office spending and more remote workers dominate projections tags coronavirus crisis marketing agencies offices read later favorites 0 ads. royal communication marketing and communication agency. 15 years innovating for brands if a year ago all the players in the marketing and advertising market were considering what the coronavirus meant China phone number how long the change it brought to the market would last. Now it is very clear that it has had a profound effect and that its changes will not end when long as the pandemic does. They will stay with us much longer. Therefore. The industry must adjust to what consumers now expect and how consumption patterns and expectations have changed. They must also take into account how these months have affected their own workers. The crisis has driven digital transformation and telecommuting and those changes will not go away once it’s all over.

As the experiences of the coronavirus crisis have shown. Being dragged into marathon work days and not disconnecting is one of the great risks and one of the elements that companies must work on. Agencies are very aware of the risk of burnout due to the China phone number of remote work and how they should work with it in mind. It could also be added that the marketing and advertising industry is one of the industries that has already dragged more burnt-out workers for many years. So the problem cannot be neglected. Nothing will be like before and. To conclude. What marketing and advertising agencies and their managers are clear about is that you cannot expect to return to the world of before. That is. When the crisis is over. The pre-covid world will not restart.

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For agencies. The post-crisis world will mean changing work dynamics and the layout of their own offices. Based on what the heads of the main agencies (in their north american delegations. Yes) have told insider . Several guidelines can be drawn on how the day-to-day of marketing and advertising agencies will change in the post-covid world. . Hybrid models win the China phone number it could be said that they are the big winners when it comes to changes that will come after the coronavirus crisis. The agencies were already reinventing themselves just before everything exploded. Because the impact of the economic crisis of the past decade first and the boom of in-house models later had dynamited the traditional model of the marketing and advertising agency.

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Now. They have discovered the potential of telecommuting. In the return to normality after the pandemic. Agencies will incorporate hybrid work models. This means less space. More remote workers. And more flexibility. For example. Weber shandwick plans to come back with a model that involves three days of work in the office and two at home. Because 75% of its China phone number voted in favor of that type of model. In general. The agencies with which they have spoken in insider speak of more remote workers and more weight of that format. 8% of omnicom’s staff will work like this and m&c saatchi is going to make one of its offices. The one in los angeles. Completely so. This change in model and the promotion of hybrid formats will also have an impact on the physical locations of marketing and advertising agencies.

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It will force them to modify their designs (there is much talk of spaces without assigned seats) but. Above all. It will allow them to reduce space. They will no longer need as many or as large offices. Leading to cutbacks in real estate spending (wpp expects to save 15-20% on China phone number land). The moment of burnout changing the work model and leading workers to spend more time at home not only means changing how spaces are organized or how work relationships are changed (for example. Turning common spaces into places for collaborative work and leaving employees to do more individual things at home) but also to take on new challenges. Not everything is rosy in teleworking.

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