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Get more engagement through effective data collection, the example of L’Oréal


Get more engagement through effective data collection, the example of L’Oréal

Brands must now redouble their efforts to capture the attention of consumers solicited by many messages. Knowing your audience well and knowing exactly what your customers expect is essential to succeed in reaching them better and obtaining stronger commitment. In its latest white paper, qualifio looks at loréals strategy. Download the loréal qualifio case study collect customer data from different brands on a european scale loréal, world leader in the beauty sector and present in more than 150 countries through its different brands, needed to collect its customer data more efficiently, in a harmonized and secure way. It is in this context that the company has launched a european first- and zero-party data collection program . The objective to recruit new customers and improve the existing database by optimizing the quality of the contacts present.


Creating an Effective Data Collection Campaign: A 4-Step Process

Qualification2 for this, loréal has chosen to rely solely on the qualifio image manipulation service engage solution, the platform specializing in first- and zero-party data collection and interactive marketing. This program, which is directly integrated within the loréal data ecosystem, is managed by the central crm team, and allows the different brands to launch their own campaigns. In italy, where the first pilot program was launched, more than 50 of customer data was collected using the qualifio tool.

With qualifio, we meet two objectives on the one hand, to increase the number of contacts we have in our database and, on the other hand, to work on improving the quality of these contacts. When we launched the data collection program, we were at 0 contacts in our crm. Today, in italy, where we launched the first pilot program, more than 50 of contacts come from qualifio, explains pasquale egione, consumer engagement program manager at loréal emea.

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Obtain qualified data to send effective communications to your audience

Creating an effective data collection campaign a 4-step It Cell Number process from the onboarding phase to the implementation of the campaign, loréal deployed this european data collection program with its brands by following a process made up of 4 stages, which enabled the various teams mobilized to become operational. After a month. Account configuration this consists of creating a basic data. Collection form with a campaign template and a single. Point of contact, in order to gather all the necessary data in a harmonized way.

The training phase this brand coaching stage allows them to be introduced to. The qualifio engage platform, in order to make optimal use of it. The first tests the aim here is to ensure that the data is. Transmitted correctly to the crm, thanks to the test campaigns carried out by the internal technical team. The launch of the first campaigns once. The brands are ready. They can start collecting their customer data, while ensuring their consistency. Between geographical areas and in compliance with loréals global strategy.

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