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How a blog can increase your sales by up to 30%


How a blog can increase your sales by up to 30%

According to a study published by Hub spot , companies that blog get up to five times more traffic than those that don’t. Internet users are exposed to so many stimuli on the internet that advertising is less effective every day. Instead, USA Phone Number List companies must earn the right to be “heard” by offering something of value before asking people to buy from them.The content marketing has emerged as a very profitable strategy for companies that want to do business online. It is estimated that you can convert up to 30 to 40% more customers or leads than advertising achieves. Although there are many ways to distribute content (videos, photos, reports, etc.), we are going to discuss the benefits of doing it in blog format below .

How a blog can increase your sales by up to 30%

Search engine optimization (SEO)
Unlike videos, content in text format is the ideal way to implement an SEO strategy. SEO consists of working on the positioning of the website in the Google results pages. On average, almost 90% of people consult Google before making a purchase decision.

Imagine the competitive advantage of being the first result when someone searches for keywords for your industry. Google robots “reward” sites that publish relevant content, increasing their ranking when it comes to locating them on the results page.On the other hand, the blog allows you to appropriate certain strategic terms. To illustrate with an example, let’s think of a Chinese car parts distributor: once you identify key words or strategic keywords ( Chinese parts, Lifan parts, Chinese car spark plugs, etc. ), the blog is the perfect tool so that, when people search these terms on Google, see your site and not the competition.

Attracting leads and customers at low cost
Although it is true that today online advertising can be segmented very precisely, targeting only potential buyers, there are still low responses to this type of message. On average, among the people impacted by an advertisement, only 3% end up clicking (Clicks-through-rate).When content is published in blog format, the conversion rates increase considerably, since the person, of their own free will, is reading the content published by the site. The same message that could be placed in an Ad or banner can now be placed as part of a blog post, achieving a much higher number of clicks.

As an added bonus, we make sure the clickers are actual potential customers or, in marketing terms, qualified leads. A blog allows you to invest time and money in someone who has proactively demonstrated that they are interested in what your business has to offer.Traffic source and visibility for other channels Many entrepreneurs and website operators know the potential of blogging, but they don’t due to lack of time or resources. They choose to focus their marketing and branding efforts on other channels, for example, the most common: social media.

However, there is a different reading and one that many entrepreneurs are adopting more and more. They invest time or money in a blog, and it becomes a hub or center to nurture other distribution channels. From a post, dozens of publications can be scheduled on Facebook or Twitter, with titles or quotes that contain a link to the company’s site. In addition to increasing visibility on the networks themselves, it is another way to derive a large flow of relevant traffic to the site.

If you do not have the time or the ability to write, you can use a service such as With a monthly investment of $ 120, it is enough to attract a relevant traffic flow to your site. Also take advantage of tools such as Hoot suite or Buffer to schedule publications on networks.Positioning as authority and PR,Another advantage is to position yourself as an authority or expert in the area in which your business operates. People and companies want to do business with professionals or entrepreneurs who demonstrate authority in the area in question.

As a bonus, a blog is a great PR strategy. The Internet is teeming with individuals searching for information to generate their own content. By having a blog that demonstrates authority, your company can become a source for bloggers or news sites and publishers who are willing to mention your company in exchange for giving credibility and a source to their messages.

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