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How Often Should You Update Backlinks


How Often Should You Update Backlinks

Few marketers doubt the importance of good content marketing and writing blogs remains a central feature of organic web content. True, there are a few dissenting voices declaring content to be dead, but they are usually engaged in trying to sell their own ‘alternative’ marketing solutions. Equally, content writers are also familiar with the importance of ensuring their blogs have all the best SEO and the elements.



Great keywords. Relevant content, Good images, Embedded videos. Why Backlinks are Important In addition to all that, of course, you should consider backlinks. When chosen well, these can add plenty of authority and push your Iran Phone Number Rankings higher. It’s not that good if writers neglect these. Of course. it is well known that they can make a positive difference, something that matters when the difference between page one and page two of the Google rankings is the difference between night and day.


However, a key question

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What was wonderfully. Optimised and relevant when written last year and had a page one ranking may have drifted downwards. That happens not just because of another content appearing. But because its authority and relevance have diminished.



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