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How important is structured data in SEO


How important is structured data in SEO

The use of structured data is starting to become more popular. But there is still a long way to go. In fact. Approximately 50% of companies still do not use them in their seo positioning strategies . However. It is no longer “nice to have them”; it is imperative to have these. Structured data has many benefits. Including higher click-through rates. Increased search visibility. Faster indexing. And dominance in voice search. These help google understand your content better and faster. So you can improve your site’s visibility in various search functions. The more you can communicate with search engines in their same language. The better they can understand your site. At capybara seo we show you the importance of structured data in seo . The many uses of structured data you can find structured data for almost any type of content.

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Listings; to name a few common examples. This is because the big brands put their development time and resources to the test. So they were able to tie results to business value. Thereby improving their traffic or driving conversions. Structuring your data with schema.org gives you great search benefits. Such as reusing information to improve Anhui Phone Number List your analysis or onsite search. Additionally. This practice helps you define your content to increase the chances that machines will correctly match your content to relevant voice queries. Impact of structured data on seo structured data the impact of using properly structured data can be impressive. As an example. The data obtained by the search engine journal portal when implemented in one of its clients is shown. 400% net growth in organic traffic from rich results overall.


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Clicks for the response center growth in impressions and 28% growth in clicks for magazine. While there are many reasons organic performance can improve. Such as creating new content or gaining new links. These were solely the results of implementing structured data . The value of seo structured data used to be just to get rich results from google. Now. The value of these extends even further into the quality of traffic It Cell Number measurement. Google has published case studies showing examples of the use of schemas in some big brands. It may interest you: how to review the performance of your rich results in google search console top 5 reasons many brands don’t use schema they don’t have the in-house resources and need to rely on an agency or consultant.

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