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In-depth dismantling of programming cat education, look at the market pattern of children’s programming


In-depth dismantling of programming cat education, look at the market pattern of children’s programming

In 2016, AlphaGo defeated the world champion and professional nine-dan chess players Li Shishi, Ke Jie and others. Artificial intelligence has gradually entered people’s vision, and the programming education involved has become more and more popular. Investors have also focused their attention on the large market space. children’s programming education.

 Industry analysis

Children’s programming education is a programming training industry aimed at children aged 4-16, mainly to cultivate children’s logical thinking and innovative problem-solving ability.¬†Children’s programming education is not equivalent to Thailand Phone Number programming in the traditional sense. It does not start writing code as soon as it comes up. Children’s programming education is divided into three stages: the first stage is the programming enlightenment stage, which attracts children’s interest in learning through gamification programming; the second stage is the graphical programming stage, which brings a sense of achievement to children by completing small graphical programming projects. The third stage is the programming stage, which can develop children’s creativity.

Politics level

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As well as July 2017, the State issued the “New Generation Artificial Intelligence. Development Plan”, raising artificial intelligence to a national development strategy, setting up artificial intelligence-related courses in primary and secondary schools. And gradually promoting programming education.

As well as 2017, Zhejiang Province released the “Zhejiang Province Deepening and Efficient Examination and Enrollment System Reform Pilot Program”, which clearly included information technology as a compulsory subject for high school students, including programming.

All primary and secondary schools should offer sufficient programming education courses, and high schools should also offer programming courses.

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