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It Will Analyze Who Can Be Your Best Supplier


It Will Analyze Who Can Be Your Best Supplier

When he decides to seek information about possible solutions, nothing convinces him to take action. He decides to ask his friends, but they don’t have a good alternative to convince him, so roberto decides to put the computer problem aside for now.

In other cases, a step may be skipped, for example, this time roberto has run out of milk that he had at home for breakfast. He always buys the same one in the market closest to his house, so he does not look for any information, nor does he evaluate the possible alternatives; almost like an automatic process he decides to go for his milk and nothing else.

1. Discovery of the problem

The initial phase begins when the person realizes that they have a need to cover. Prior to this he either didn’t know he had a problem or simply hadn’t considere it.

The arising of the nee can be an internal impulse or some external pressure. In either case, the nee is triggere and creates the impulse to try to solve it.

The size of the need may vary from person to person, even if the Media Directors Email Lists same product solves the problem, the urgency of solving the need may vary.

For a person who works with hi

Media Directors Managers Email Lists

s laptop, in case it breaks, he has a high urgency to fix or replace it.

However, if a person uses his laptop 5 to 6 times a month, his laptop will not be in any hurry to fix it.

2. Looking for information
The collection of information begins, it will analyze who can be your best supplier or who are the possible suppliers that exist in the market.

You will also investigate the possible existing products on the market and what are the best existing offers.

This search is often supported by close people, such as family or friends. It will look for recommendations and opinions.

Many times customers try to find the best solution among so much information and try to choose the most rational solution possible, in the end it ends up being emotional.

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