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Key e-commerce figures in 2022: conversion rate, average basket, page views per session, etc.


Key e-commerce figures in 2022: conversion rate, average basket, page views per session, etc.

Like every year, contentsquare presents its digital experience benchmark report which provides a better understanding of the market
through user sessions around the world. It brings together 1 year of data collected on more than 3,800 websites, in 25 different countries including france, and around 14 major industries. Focus on conversion and transformation. Learn more about contentsquare compulsive buying remains a myth with an average of 22 pageviews per buying session, the number of pageviews per session is particularly high when buying.

Indeed, the study indicates that the number of page views increases on average by 348 when it comes to buying sessions across all e-commerce industries. In some specific sectors, this increase is even stronger 567 for high-tech and 360 for luxury. Ecommerce study 1 © contentsquare pierre casanova, chief revenue officer at contentsquare, specifies that “the buying session is the session of all dangers. With an average of 22 pages consulted, its a real race that awaits your users multiplication of the risks of error, ux risks and loading times. … there is a real correlation between conversion rate and short journey its simple, fast and reliable.


When purchasing, users like to research further to be sure of their choices.

It is important to provide them with all the essential information background remove service from the start, to shorten their journey as much as possible, and thus reduce the risk of errors and abandonments. Buying sessions are significantly longer than others time spent in buying sessions is a metric that represents “the time a user spent on your site before purchasing” . According to the study, this is an important indicator, since the higher it is, the more it reflects the time taken by your customers to decide to convert.

It thus sometimes makes it possible to realize that it is necessary to shorten the customer journey. All e-commerce industries combined, the average duration of a buying session is 17 minutes and 11 seconds. This average time is significantly higher than that spent by all visitors, in all sectors. In retail, buying sessions last an average of 21 minutes and 22 seconds, compared to only 5 minutes and 16 seconds for global visits.

background remove service

Contentsquare specifies that it is important to do everything.

Ecommerce study 2 contentsquare mobile users buy faster It Cell Number than desktop users by comparing the average duration of buying sessions by device, we realize that users on mobile perform the act of purchase much more quickly than those on desktop. Indeed, the average time spent during buying sessions on this type of device is 13 minutes, compared to almost 22 minutes on desktop. Ecommerce study 3 contentsquare this difference in duration of buying sessions between mobile and desktop is observed for all industries. However, it is more pronounced in certain areas such as travel or high-tech, and more moderate in others such as mass distribution or retail fashion. The average conversion rate is 2.96 considered one of the most important metrics, conversion rate is a measure of brand success.

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