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The Difference Between Life and Death


The Difference Between Life and Death

It was the best way to survive
During the greatest expansion of portugal’s power over the world’s seas, much of its attention was focused on africa. Being africa a place full of natural resources, it was the place of natural settlement of the portuguese navigators.

In africa, to maximize its expansion


, portugal sought out a number of allies. One of the “Strategic partners” at the time of obtaining slaves in africa, was the fon tribe. At that time, the power of the fon tribe in west africa was remarkable and that is why they were the main partners of the portuguese conquerors.

Among the main tribes selected by the portuguese for the search for slaves, was the tofinu people. The tofinu people, seeking to prevail and maintain their life and customs, use a deep knowledge of the fon to solve the root problem.

Insight that saved his life
They say that when the fon approached, the tofinu people got to work. The wise men Sales Marketing Directors, Managers Email Lists of the town met and exposed the various tactics they could deploy to ensure survival. Among the options was fight, flee, surrender…

However, among the discussion, a small piece of information emerged, which would be the solution to their problems. So famous and feare was the fon tribe that many of their practices spread among the towns. One of them preached that members of the fon tribe were not allowe to attack another person over any body of water.

This little piece of information,

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this little insight, was the difference between life and death for the tofinu tribe, allowing them to get down to business. They took advantage of the nearby location of lake nokoue and with great effort built what is now known as ganvié.

Importance of knowing the market
It is said that at first the construction of ganvie was not easy. However, it was the solution that saved their lives and that allows them to exist to this day. This helps us to teach a lesson about the importance of knowing , understanding

and putting ourselves in the shoes of our clients and even our competitors.

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