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Lxs Participants Iceland Phone Number


Lxs Participants Iceland Phone Number

A party that does pinkwashing and only remembers the realities for its electoral interest but not when it comes to making progressive and egalitarian policies.Iceland phone number then we have another model. A demonstration with non sculptural bodies. With no explicit participation of partie  which is that of critical pride. It is not from the stereotyped body. It is from another body. From another look of the body. It is not an electoral showcase. And it is not . Because there are no companies or floats or parties.

The absence of all these elements makes it more “Pure”, iceland phone number continuation of the protest of the and 80s. Lgtbi demonstration between iceland phone number madrid and barcelona, ​​what do we see in the pride vindication? These two models of doing, of showing, of thinking, of doing politics, of manifesting, are not exclusive, they are complementary. Many people in madrid go to both demonstrations, the state and criticism. In barcelona we find both ends. Continuity since the year 77 in a demonstration for sexual and gender liberation akin to critical activism,

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Clearly positioned by the union of different struggles. And pride is not that it is “”, it is that it is “”, because activism in pride is in the background. In my book I talk about the to join struggles using the expertise of pro-government iceland phone number activism and what are the possible drifts of lgbt activism advocating a strong alliance with feminisms. 2020, with the celebration of critical pride in both barcelona and madrid, and the cancellation of the face-to-face events of the state demonstration and pride barcelona, ​​may be a turning point.

Iceland phone number

The term feminism appears for the first time in the official slogan of Madrid; in the critical manifestation of Barcelona, ​​as I have , Iceland phone number convergence of struggles is made very explicit. is likely to be a turning point: at the moment, this year, the float demonstration models have not been held. The fact that commodification enters, and therefore into a capitalist logic, what interest could the system have in including groups that were previously ? How does it affect you politically? And in a sense of social transformation?

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Not be seen as the annulment of the transformative capacity of activism. Not even close. The floats enter, the visibility enters, the social echo enters, iceland phone number number of participants grows, the demonstration becomes huge, and the official lgtbi activism becomes the legitimate interlocutor of the lgtbi struggles. And in 2005 we are the 3rd country in the world to have an equal marriage. That is why I argue that they are not necessarily two models where one is clearly political and the other commercial, no, both are political and from both politics is made and transformations can be made. Now, they are different struggles.

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