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Company Where You Made the Purchase


Company Where You Made the Purchase

The dimension of the search for information can vary depending on the type of problem it seeks to solve.

If what you want to buy is a pizza or a hamburger, surely it will not take long to finish the search for information. But if what you want is to choose a university, the process can be much longer.

3. Decision
You already have all the necessary data to make the decision, you already know who the providers in the market are and what are the offers that they can offer.

The consumer will take into account different factors when choosing one of the existing alternatives, he will evaluate the different attributes that the products have, in addition to the

advantages and disadvantages of buying it.


In some cases there may be free messaging, there may be a discount offer.

Influential people can also intervene in the final decision, which can be friends or relatives, people with a lot of influence.

4. Action
Once the decision is made, it is time to take action. In some cases, the Manufacturing Directors Email Lists action can be carried out from home, that is, with an online purchase, or on other occasions it can be from the business premises.

Select the quantity to be purchased in the case of a product or in the case of a service, where it will be, the time.

Last-minute regrets, which occur frequently, may be due to the environment, the staff, or some other external factor.

5. Post-purchase behavior

Manufacturing Production Directors, Managers Email Lists

Finally, the client has been able to satisfy the need that he wante to cover,

or at least that is what he expects. This product must have met at least the minimum expectations, so that the customer is pleased and thus returns to make future purchases.

In some cases, it usually happens more than we would like, the product does

not meet the expectations of consumers. Unfortunately, they decide to keep their disappointment to themselves and share it only with acquaintances and relatives.

The best thing that can happen in these cases is that you discuss it with the

company where you made the purchase, so that the company knows that it can improve its product. If he decides correctly, compensate him for the bad decision.

Thus, even if the customer did not like the product for some reason. He will know that he will be able to make future purchases there since they offer him a guarantee.

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