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Marketing: a method to better understand what triggers the act of purchase


Marketing: a method to better understand what triggers the act of purchase

You are at the origin of the psychomarketing method. Can you explain to us what it consists of and who exactly it is aimed at. Psychomarketing or psycho marketing is based on the cerebral activities of the prospect, of the client and employs actions to trigger a succession of psychic states, which lead to a marketing result. The ultimate objective sought to generate satisfied and recurring customers in number, namely ambassadors. Psychomarketing is a methodology, which is aimed at seasoned marketers, as well as entrepreneurs or traders who have no experience in marketing.

It applies to any organization addressing humans . It is therefore not intended for a particular type of company, size of organization, geographical area or sector of activity it can be adapted in each case. What are the benefits of psychomarketing why should companies integrate it into their strategy marketing essentially consists of recruiting customers it is based on acquisition. Because recruiting customers is expensive, marketing budgets are often viewed as costs, and rightly so. Psychomarketing rehabilitates customer loyalty.


On what scientific criteria is this method based?

It focuses on creating ambassadors, who facilitate the photo retouching service recruitment of new customers, by reducing the cost of customer acquisition and increasing the productivity of marketing investments. Marketing expenses then turn into investments. To achieve this, we must rehabilitate the human and create a relationship of authenticity and benevolence before, during, and especially after the transaction. On what scientific criteria is this method based psychomarketing is based on techniques that are proven by science and practice, in order to attract, convince and retain customers.

The methodology combines, among other things, behavioral sciences, cognitive neurosciences, influence and persuasion techniques, direct marketing, digital marketing, neuromarketing, hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming nlp, or analysis. Transactional. To understand what motivates people and how to trigger psychic states that lead to an act of purchase, we rely in particular on behavioral sciences. Thus, my book psychomarketing , for example, is based on more than 70 scientific references, mostly social experiments. But thats not all.

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What are the indicators to follow to measure the performance

To understand the human , you have to understand how It Cell Number the brain works. This is why, to better understand the mechanisms of attention, perception, memorization, decision, motivation and action. Psychomarketing relies on the latest discoveries of neuroscientists on brain functioning. A marketer who knows how the brain works will create more effective messages and communications. How does this method stand out from others and allow companies to more effectively. Achieve their goals other marketing methods say, for example.

That you have to start by drawing a portrait of the prospect you are targeting. Which is not wrong. Yet we marketers have biases, cognitive biases, and limiting beliefs. Also, before studying your ideal prospect, you have to start with yourself. Socrates phrase know thyself takes on its full meaning. In psychomarketing, we will therefore start by doing. Our introspection identifying our cognitive biases, our false beliefs, in order to be able to understand our client and the market in a much more objective, empathetic and clairvoyant way.

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