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Use of long tail keywords How and why to use this type of keywords


Use of long tail keywords How and why to use this type of keywords

Digital marketing by henry silva use of long tail keywords: how and why to use this type of keywords long tail keywords today. The combination of google’s focus on user experience and intent. Along with the rise of conversational search and applications like voice search. Gives us an indication that the strategy of using keyword long tail is more crucial than never. Years ago. If you were to divide your keywords by search volumes. Focusing on long-tail keywords with low search volume might have seemed like a waste of time and effort. However. If you do not include them in your content marketing strategy . You will really be wasting time and. Above all. Opportunities. It’s never been easier to research long-tail keyword opportunities.

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High conversion rates And use them to boost your content. In order to help you achieve this. At capybara seo we show you how and why you should use long tail keywords. What are long tail keywords? What are keywords long tail keywords are much more specific phrases that help relate to the user’s intent. These keywords typically have low search Venezuela Phone Number List volume. Little competition. And high conversion rates. This type of keyword is named long tail because. If you were to divide your keywords by search volumes. They would be at the “long tail” end of the search demand curve; which means that few people search for these terms each month. However. Despite the lack of search volume. These keywords tend to be easier to rank for. And tend to generate more conversions than the initial keywords. This is because long tail keywords communicate a clear customer need that your brand can address.


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User’s search intent. As such. When you understand your customers’ search intent. You can create content that specifically addresses customer inquiries and conversions. For example. A user searching for [nike air max 270] provides clear purchase intent. By comparison. A search for [training shoes] is much less clear in its intent. The user could be It Cell Number looking for more information on different brands. Reviews. Or just an interest search. Keep in mind that. In theory. The length of these keywords is not very relevant to their effectiveness and they are usually at least 3 words long due to their specificity. However. Low volume and precise searches of 1 or 2 words (such as the name of some brands) are also considered as long tail keywords.

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