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Quarter of 2021 Greece Phone Number


Quarter of 2021 Greece Phone Number

We observe that global e-commerce grew by 58% compared to the same period in 2020. Well above pre-covid-19 levels (the growth rate in the first three months of 2020 was 17%). These data corroborate that the base of online buyers is consolidating. Especially in countries such as spain where the number of increases in online sales is above the average. Greece phone number 65%. Shopping habits have directly affected the retail industry. Which has been faced with the greatest challenge in its history due to the logistical challenge of dealing with a huge number of home deliveries. According to shopping index data. Digital traffic in the first quarter has grown by 27% worldwide .

Compared to the same months of 2020. Likewise. Customer spending in the first quarter of 2021 has increased by 31 % globally. The report analyzes the activity of 1 billion online shoppers in more than 40 countries to identify trends and changes in online shopping. Main data of the q1 shopping index traffic and online orders in spain : in spain. Traffic Greece phone number by 50% in the first quarter of 2021. The highest percentage since the start of the pandemic. However. It also saw a 13% drop in orders. The only decline recorded since the start of the pandemic. The mobile dominates traffic and online orders : in line with other countries. In spain the mobile represents 74% of online traffic. While the computer maintains 21% and the tablet. 3%. These data are very similar to those of the first quarter of last year.

Patterns in the First Greece Phone Number

In online orders. The distances per device are shortened and the mobile now accounts for 55% of the total. Compared to 39% for the computer and 5% for the tablet. The overall mean spend per visit was $3.39. This represents an increase of 31% Greece phone number to the average spend of $2.59 in the first quarter of 2020. But represents a decrease of almost $0.50 compared to the second and fourth quarters of 2020. In spain the average spend per visit is of 1.1 dollars. The global average value of orders per customer was the highest in the last 8 quarters. With an average of $94.72 (compared to $81.60 in the second quarter of 2020). In spain. The average order per customer in the quarter stood at 57.23 dollars.

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Abandoned cart : the rate of abandoned carts (percentage of baskets created that did not result in completed orders) on the mobile phone is still the highest. With 93% (95% in spain). The rate on the desktop is 87% (84% in spain). However. Both statistics have remained comparable to those of the first quarter of 2019. The main conclusions of the Greece phone number indexwere presented by salesforce on april 14 during the first meeting of 2021 of the retail observatory in spain. Which offers an updated view of the sector in our country. Its conclusions are especially interesting one year after the first state of alarm. With retailers and consumers accelerating their adoption of the online world due to the pandemic. Data from the first quarter indicates that the habits of 2020.

Growth and Spending Greece Phone Number

Which were underpinned by the christmas campaign. Are here to stay. As some countries such as the united states and the united kingdom begin to reopen physical spaces and establish plans to return to the office. “last year. The retail industry was forced to be very fast. Reacting to the increase in digital buyers and adopting new tactics. Such as click Greece phone number collect to comply with health regulations.” says enrique mazón. Vice president of ecommerce for the company. “the growth of e-commerce during the first quarter is a sign that retailers will have to continue expanding their investments in the digital space while reorienting the in-store experience. In short. The barriers between what is digital and physical to be customer-centric and deliver a unified experience.

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