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Of Which Only a School and a Cemetery


Of Which Only a School and a Cemetery

When? Thursday september 30.
Cost? Completely free.
Via? Online-zoom.
Hour? 12:00 spain | 06:00 miami | 05:00 colombia.
Duration? 45 minutes to 1 hour.
Remember that, to register and receive the access link to the webinar, you must go directly to the ceei page , through thisthis is a story that talks about empathy, deep knowledge of your customers (or competitors) and, above all, the importance of synthesizing the available information, reaching conclusions and acting with our knowledge to survive or win in life

or in business. Market.

Ganvié is a town built on water. Much like the city of tenochtitlán , the inhabitants of this town were forced to resort to a lake to build their settlement. Although building a city on a lake does not sound like a good idea at all, at the time it was a brilliant solution to Marketing Directors Email Lists a huge problem that threatene the existence of the tofinu people, inhabitants of this small town.

Knowing your market is your best tool: the history of ganvié
Source: manu25 from french wikipedia
The history of ganvie
Although building on a lake is impractical, ganvié is not a small town. This, in what we know today as the republic of benin in west africa.

There are about 3,000 buildings,

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Therefore, Now, living on a lake is not an easy subject. As the inhabitants of mexico city know, building on a lake implies adding a degree of uncertainty in your life.

Therefore,  From living depending on the water level of the lake, continuous sinking of properties, incessant maintenance, impossibility of planting and harvesting, today we ask ourselves, how is it that this town decided to exist like this?

And the underlying problem is not that there is no fertile, habitable and cultivable land around. Around lake nokoue there is excellent land suitable for cultivation and construction. Ganvie, founded in the 16th century by the tofinu tribe, is in this strategic location for a simple reason.

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