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Faceted Navigation what it is and why you should include it in your SEO strategy


Faceted Navigation what it is and why you should include it in your SEO strategy

Optimized web design . Seo 17 september. 2021 by henry silva faceted navigation: what it is and why you should include it in your seo strategy faceted navigation if you’ve worked with any website that deals with a large number of listings. Chances are you’ve come across what is defined as faceted navigation . This type of navigation is a ux (or user experience) pattern that helps users discover what they are looking for in less time and that can be included in your seo positioning strategy . However. This must be treated with care. Since its disadvantage is some complications in your seo strategy that you must mitigate. In order to help you implement it correctly. We at capybara seo have translated and adapted this excellent article by sam underwood of ahrefs.com showing what faceted navigation is and why you should include it in your organic ranking strategy .

What is faceted navigation Faceted

Navigation is a type of navigation found on category/archive pages of sites with many listings. Its main purpose is to help users find what they are looking for easily. Through various filters based on the attributes of the listings. Many people refer to faceted navigation simply as “filters” and it is quite common to find this type of navigation on the category pages of: e-commerce sites job search sites travel/booking sites  like Uganda Phone Number List google flights or airbnb. However. It is also common on many other large websites. How does faceted navigation work? Faceted navigation takes care of filtering the listings on category pages. According to their attributes. Mentioned above. The listings will often be about: jobs products hotels / flights also. Attributes may vary by site; although these frequently include: price color brand weight flight time salary quantity per pack delivery time once the site administrators have given listings relevant attributes.


The site displays these attributes to

The user in a list similar to this: faceted navigation what happens when a user selects a filter varies. But generally one of these things will happen. Listings instantly update to reflect selection without refreshing the page . The page reloads and the listings reflect the selection . When the user selects an item in the list. Nothing happens until they click the “apply” button. Which then updates the listings to reflect the selection . When It Cell Number the user clicks to apply the filters. A new page loads. The first two options have a similar ux. But a different ux pattern than option three. In general. This pattern will depend on whether a user is likely to use more than one filter at a time. If users tend to apply multiple filters. Then it makes sense to apply the filters and update the listings only once they choose to apply them.

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