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The Impact That This Tool Has on Your


The Impact That This Tool Has on Your

This is a special invitation for all those who want to deepen their knowledge and use of a tool that we have with us, those of us who are dedicate to sales professionally, all our lives and part of the following: the cold call.

The “Cold call” or “Cold calling” is the tool us


by professional salespeople to get appointments with potential customers in which they can learn in depth their nees and, base on this knowlege, be able to generate a service proposal. Personalized and adapted to the particular situation of the prospect. It is Sales Directors Email Lists closely associat with the sale of complex products and services, yet it is a useful technique for anyone whose outcome depends on face-to-face contact with a stranger.

Cold calling

For many it is still a tool that represents a

Sales Directors Managers Email Lists

particular challenge, above all because it requires a great deal of discipline and

commitment to be patient enough to turn it into a process of continuous improvement in which, beyond the punctual

result of a call in particular, a work methodology is achieve that guarantees the best results in a consistent manner.

The impact that this tool has on your sales performance will depend on the

commitment and effort you put into mastering cold calling.

As with any tool, excellence is achieved through education in its use, practice and continuous evaluation.

On september 30, once again at the hands of the european business and innovation

center of elche, I will have the opportunity to share with you what I consider

to be the 6 key principles so that you can master cold calling , become a professional that adds value and, above all, that your potential clients want to know about you and what you have to offer them.


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