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The Root Of All Evil Kpis Hong-kong-phone-number


The Root Of All Evil Kpis Hong-kong-phone-number

When it comes to KPIs, everyone may be intimidate. Every day, 996 every week, every month, staying up late to write a report, not just to achieve the so-calle KPI, and then get a better return, or it may hong-kong-phone-number be cruel just because of fear of being optimize. Therefore, KPIs of all evil, driving every employee of an enterprise to crawl forward in a preset direction. That said, employee behavior is largely hong-kong-phone-number controlle by KPIs. In the TOB scenario, when product managers sort out business scenarios and design functions.

Chengye Kpi Hong-kong-phone-number

They KPIs to  is the main line of KPIs, otherwise it is very likely that the designe functions will not be use at all. Everyone only cares about hong-kong-phone-number their own performance, who cares so kindly about the performance of product managers. Stab in the heart) Since KPIs are so important, as a product manager, you must fully understand their impact and make hong-kong-phone-number good use of KPIs, so as not to be scolde by users as silly and useless. So today, taking customer service business as an example.

Poor Customer Service Hong-kong-phone-number

Hong kong phone number
Hong kong phone number

Talk about how KPIs affect business and how product managers can make good use of them. 1. Chengye KPI The formation of KPI is hong-kong-phone-number ultimately to assist the business. So it is necessary to continuously improve the KPI according to the problems encountere in the hong-kong-phone-number development stage of the business, and finally complement each other to form a good service process. Less customer service reception Now there is a start-up company boss quickly set up a customer service team.

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