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SEO for a new website the first things to do


SEO for a new website the first things to do

Optimized web design 2021 by henry silva seo for a new website: the first things to do seo website how do you start to position a new website ? Does it magically appear on google after being published? What do you have to do to start an seo positioning strategy and get the organic traffic you are looking for? In order to help you. At capybara seo we explain the first steps you should take immediately after launching your new website. Learn how to get started on seo for a new website ! 1. First step: you must have an external link in general. When creating a website. The first thing that is usually verified is its appearance and that everything works correctly. However. Something just as important as the design of your website is if it is found in google.

Your page should appear if its

Full name is searched for Or at least if the exact domain name is searched for. If your website does not appear in google. Despite placing your domain. You must link your site on an external page to appear in the search results as soon as possible. Thus. The first step to work on the seo of a new website is to obtain at least one external link. Why do you need an external link? Google is a search engine that follows links. If it finds a A Complete List of Unit Phone Numbers link to your page on another website. Then it can follow that link and thus crawl your page. This way. Your site can start showing up in search results. It is possible for google to index your site without having an external link. But “indexed” is not the same as “ranked”.


By getting an external link

Google will not only crawl and index your site. But also attribute additional value to it based on the value of the website where it found your link. This is the value that will allow you to position yourself. So getting a link from another website can help your seo strategy a lot! However. Keep in mind that any link will not work. Links from quality sites and It Cell Number articles on related topics are more relevant. Whereas. Links from low-quality websites. Directory pages. And social networks carry less weight. Always aim for quality and relevance! We recommend looking for quality backlinks . 2. Second step: check (or modify) your settings noindex after you get your first link.

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