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Twitter Is Working On A Tool To Remove Specific Followers


Twitter Is Working On A Tool To Remove Specific Followers

A few days ago, Twitter fired the fleets after being a failure in its list of tools and updates. However, the social network continues to work to offer users more options to interact, or not. Within their profiles. If ever someone wanted to remove a follower from their Twitter profile. Something like what is done on Facebook, without the need to block them from following them again. Perhaps the blue bird’s social network would have heard their prayers. Something as simple as ‘remove friend’ from Facebook, would be coming to Twitter. To cut off all relationships with those users with whom you already want to interact. As pointed out by the application researcher, Alessandro Paluzzi.

According To Some Screenshots Shared By The Researche

Twitter and its update. According to some screenshots shared by the researcher, the Uk Mobile Phone Database new option will allow users to remove a follower with just a couple of clicks, it might even just prevent the ‘removed’ from seeing your tweets, though they could still see your account. active and the occasional tweet before the ‘lock’ in the application. In case you want to break the law of the ice, or the blockade, users will be able to allow the exiles to be able to follow them again without much problem. Just based on the initial examples, the ‘Remove this follower’ option will be available from users’ main feed, as well as from specific user profiles directly, all it takes is clicking on the three-dot menu.

In case you want to break the law of the ice r the blockade

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What benefits does this update have? It may just be the power to remove someone from their Twitter account, without having to block them directly, since they might never realize that they were silenced by their own decision. It’s really necessary? Perhaps for some this update is something very necessary, however, this update may not bring much to users in general, but for brands, it could be an opportunity to refine their audience. Some companies might opt ​​for it to leave behind those customers who will never be customers but are still there for an unknown reason and thus better skew.

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