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With the Malaysia phone number , economic, legal


With the Malaysia phone number , economic, legal

This research carried out between april and january explores . The writing of letters as a political action and its circulation on social malaysia phone number as a result of fieldwork carried out around the campaigns . Write to prisoners in catalonia especially for. The case by jordi sánchez and jordi cuixart. And lula livre! For the arrest and imprisonment of former president lula in brazil. Photo by elisenda ardèvol the fieldwork is based on digital ethnography. Which begins on social media and continues in the streets. Squares and collective writing workshops.

Although we have been following two campaigns since their inception, the most intensive fieldwork is carried out from April 2018 to January 2019, and Malaysia phone number mostly of a follow-up of the letters in the media. , and more specifically on social media, especially Facebook and Twitter. In Catalonia, we also a group writing workshop in Barcelona and various political events where letters from prisoners were read and we did some interviews with the writers and Susanna , Jordi Sánchez’s partner; In Brazil, a visit was made to the Lula Institute in São Paulo

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, interviews were also with activists, and a group writing workshop was in Rio de Janeiro. In both the Brazilian and Catalan cases, the letters are set in contexts of strong political tension and broader social movements. The letters Malaysia phone number the political protest through affection, the intimate gesture with the public act; the exceptionality of the moment and the situation with everyday life; the struggle for ideals with the reciprocity of correspondence; touch screens with paper, pen and finger hardness. We analyze the process

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in which letters, their photographs, mailboxes and mailboxes, Facebook posts and tweets, prison and the street are part of the same reality, Malaysia phone number that social, material and virtual, individual and collective, are in the concrete political action of writing a letter. If you want to know more about the search you can download the article: Letters for Freedom: Affections and Political Action in Digital Times If you are in Perpignan and you are in the subject, do not hesitate to attend! The activity is free and open to everyone. See you there!

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The director of the Casa de la Generalitat de Catalunya in Perpignan, Josep Puigbert, and the directors of the degree in Humanities and the degree in Malaysia phone number Language and Literature at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya , Agnès Vayreda and Ona Domènech, invite you at the event Letters for Freedom. Writing for prisoners as a political action in the global era , which will take place on February at  pm at the Casa de la Generalitat in Perpignan and will be given by anthropologist and professor Elisenda Ardèvol.

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