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Among the Variables That You Can Find to


Among the Variables That You Can Find to

Retrospective : the number of points assigne to each lead will depend on the amount of information they have provideand the interaction they have with your brand.
Predictive : depending on the number of points that have been assigne to each lead, an analysis will be carrie out that will predict the purchasing behavior.

This has been more complex than the


one-dimensional, because it contains more variables, it is not only governed by one. So it gives a more accepte score for each lead. For example, the interactions you have with our website, the demographic data you provide us, the questions you ask us by email.

What parameters does lead scoring take into account?
Among the variables that you can find to apply to lead scoring can be diverse, there Design Directors Managers Email Lists are some that are frequently used and others that are not, you must select which are the most important and identify them in your prospects.

Demographic information : characteristics

Design Directors Managers Email Lists

such as age, gender, stage of life, are one of the important characteristics that can

be analyz of people, for example; women who are 30-40 years old, with children, marrie.
Company information : in many cases, it is important and even more so when it

comes to b2b marketing, that is, from business to business, for example, the sector

to which the company belongs, the number of workers it has, the area in which it specializes.
Interaction with the web : depending on the interaction they have with the web,

for example, if they have read your blog, visited the products page, or have some

Social media engagement : the way they engage with your brand on social media,

follow you on social media, read your posts, interact with you, share your content.

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